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13th June 2019

It’s just not cricket…or is it?

25th April 2019

It’s just not cricket…or is it? Cricket as a sport has always been seen as one steeped in good manners. In recent years, however, we have all lived through incidents of ball tampering and match fixing in recent cricket matches. Is this a recent phenomenon? Or despite cricket’s gentlemanly reputation, has cunning behaviour been a […]

Wales wins the Grand Slam…again

18th March 2019

Sportspages’ New Stock catalogue

Our most recent New Stock catalogue has come out on Black Friday. The catalogue might not come with deals off. It does come, however, packed with 100 items of new and interesting sports memorabilia from our ever increasing collection.  As ever there are gems from most sports in the catalogue. One outstanding item is a fantastic photographic record of Arsenal from the 1950s.arsenal fc 1950, 1950 FA Cup final, new stock








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Arsenal players training in the snow


Commander A F Bone was a Director of Arsenal from 1946 – 62 and was presented with a leatherbound photograph album, containing over 50 fine quality photographs of Arsenal FC: training sessions, back room photos and action photographs, including ones from the 1950 FA Cup Final





Another bit of sports memorabilia treasure is the silver cigarette box presented to Denis Compton as a memento of the 1954-55 Ashes cricket series. Inscribed with his initials and the date of the ‘MCC Australasian Tour’, it’s a beautiful reminder of another age in which a cigarette box was an appropriate gift to anyone, let alone an international sportsman! Take a look at our catalogue and all its goodies inside: New Stock catalogue