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13th June 2019

It’s just not cricket…or is it?

25th April 2019

It’s just not cricket…or is it? Cricket as a sport has always been seen as one steeped in good manners. In recent years, however, we have all lived through incidents of ball tampering and match fixing in recent cricket matches. Is this a recent phenomenon? Or despite cricket’s gentlemanly reputation, has cunning behaviour been a […]

Wales wins the Grand Slam…again

18th March 2019

The Six Nations Championship is here!

We’re very excited about this year’s Six Nations Championship. It’s likely to be a non-stop series of knuckle-biting, tense encounters between the key contenders. Ireland is generally seen as the Championship’s favourite but England, Wales and Scotland could all pull out performances to stop Ireland in their tracks. The Ireland v Wales fixture in Cardiff on the final weekend may well be particularly exciting: will Ireland win that critical match and repeat their 2018 Six Nations success? Wales has a fantastic home advantage: the game will be played in Cardiff and Ireland has only beaten Wales once in Cardiff since 2009. England, on the other hand, although in very good form, get to play Ireland in Dublin and Wales…in Cardiff, slightly losing the home advantage in two key matches! Can they dig that bit deeper and triumph over those challenges? We can’t wait to see what happens.


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Who will win this year’s Six Nations?

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