Sportspages’ New Stock catalogue, packed with signed items

Sportspages’ New Stock catalogue is packed with signed items:

There are a LOT of signed items among the varied range of sports and their memorabilia in this New Stock catalogue. The autographs of the full, victorious 1911-12  England Ashes team are captured on a large album page, for example. Not to be outdone as ever, there is also a postcard signed by the 1934 Australia Ashes team. There are signed items from boxing, horseracing, football, rugby and even bobsleighing in St Moritz.

If you’re not looking for autographs, there are also  fantastic scorecards, photographs, programmes and more.  We have the official football programme for the iconic Austria v England ‘Lion of Vienna’ 1952 International to the arguably slightly quirkier 1946 Roller Speedway Programme. And, don’t get us started on the 1936 Springboard Championship photograph:  take a look.