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5th April 2018

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22nd February 2018

The Winter Olympics are not often the scene for British sporting triumphs. At this year’s Olympics we have 4 medals to date, one of which is gold. We may possibly win another medal, which would make the Pyeongchang Olympics our most successful Winter Olympics ever. We have, however, managed a few sporting coups at the Winter Olympics over […]

Sportspages’ New Stock Sports Memorabilia Catalogue

26th January 2018

Our New Stock catalogue  is out now, packed with fantastic items of sports memorabilia. Big names from various sports feature heavily: cricket’s Jack Hobbs and Les Ames; golf’s Henry Cotton; football’s Ray Wilson and Bob Paisley and athletics’ legendary Zatopek, to name but a few. Two characters stand out for both their achievements and their […]

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Programme for the Orford Racing Club's Indian Ocean Meeting held on board the Orient Line's SS "Orford" on March 28 1930 and attended by the Australian cricketers who were travelling to England. Ten players are listed as race stewards on the front cover, including Bradman, while Vic Richardson and Ted a'Beckett are down as owner's of horses running in the fifth race. A most unusual and charming item from the Australian tour of UK in 1930.

16.5 x 10cm. Single folding card. The race winners have been written in in pencil on the back of the card. Very good.


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