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13th June 2019

It’s just not cricket…or is it?

25th April 2019

It’s just not cricket…or is it? Cricket as a sport has always been seen as one steeped in good manners. In recent years, however, we have all lived through incidents of ball tampering and match fixing in recent cricket matches. Is this a recent phenomenon? Or despite cricket’s gentlemanly reputation, has cunning behaviour been a […]

Wales wins the Grand Slam…again

18th March 2019

Cricket » Cricket Memorabilia » Cricket Cigarette and Trade Cards » BAINES "SURREY" trade card

BAINES "SURREY" trade card

BAINES "SURREY" trade card

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John Baines, of Manningham, Bradford, began producing collectors cards in 1887 with rugby, football and cricket the primary subjects. They are now highly collectable.

Shield-shaped card, showing Surrey cricketers. Good.

Bradford: J. Baines

£70.00 (Code: 4934)

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