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Uruguay World Cup Football 1930

10th November 2022

King Charles III and Cricket

15th September 2022

We have been contemplating the huge job in front of King Charles III. We reminded ourselves what an able man he has shown himself to be over the years. Us being us, we looked to sport for the clues. We all know what a great polo player and general equestrian he was. We’ve seen him […]

England’s Lionesses in the Women’s Euros 2022: How far women’s football has come!

21st July 2022

How proud would these pioneers of women’s football from 1918 be to see England’s Lionesses perform in the Women’s Euros 2022?! When this Scottish women’s team played in 2018, they would have rightly believed they had already come far. Despite attempts to set up and build up women’s football in the nineteenth century, it was […]

Rugby Union » Rugby Union Photographs » Domestic Teams » CARDIFF RFC 1981 (OR 1982)

CARDIFF RFC 1981 (OR 1982)

CARDIFF RFC 1981 (OR 1982)

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Original rugby Press photograph of the Cardiff team that played Bridgend in the WRU Cup Final. Either 1981 or 1982

 21.5 x 16.5 cm Original Press copyright stamp and handwritten annotation to reverse. In very good condition


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