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England’s Lionesses in the Women’s Euros 2022: How far women’s football has come!

21st July 2022

How proud would these pioneers of women’s football from 1918 be to see England’s Lionesses perform in the Women’s Euros 2022?! When this Scottish women’s team played in 2018, they would have rightly believed they had already come far. Despite attempts to set up and build up women’s football in the nineteenth century, it was […]

Was he in or was he out? Ted Dexter in 1968

4th November 2021

It’s just not cricket…or is it?

25th April 2019

It’s just not cricket…or is it? Cricket as a sport has always been seen as one steeped in good manners. In recent years, however, we have all lived through incidents of ball tampering and match fixing in recent cricket matches. Is this a recent phenomenon? Or despite cricket’s gentlemanly reputation, has cunning behaviour been a […]

Cricket » Cricket Memorabilia » Cricket Pictures and Prints » READ, WALTER WILLIAM ("W.W.") 1888 VANITY FAIR PRINT


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Chromolithographic print, published in Vanity Fair on 28 July 1888. Part of the "Men of the Day" series, #406. Read topped the batting averages on the 1887-88 tour of Australia.

Overall size 46 x 31cm. Mounted. Extensive damage to the border, including a large area of paper loss in the lower right corner - all of which is hidden by the mount. Some light creasing and scuff marks to the main image. Fair.

"LIB" (Liberio Prosperi)

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